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I've worked at Tilly's and it's literally the worst job I ever had. The managers were very unprofessional.

I worked at the tillys in Orlando at Florida Mall. When I first started working they told me to call every Saturday to know your schedule for the following week. I called Friday and Saturday to double sure and was told I do not work the following week. The following week I got a call on Wednesday saying that I did not show up.

It's funny because the manager I had spoken to on Friday and Saturday is the one complaining I did a no show that Wednesday. Strike one! A week or two later, now that my name was in the system for me to get emails of my schedule... There was a few shifts where I show up and said they don't need me when I was scheduled that day.

And the managers was suppose to call the night before to give me a notice and no one ever calls me. Strike two! Before I worked at Tilly's I worked at at another retail store where the employees have a list of other employees numbers in case people want to cover a shift for them and I guess my name was still on a list. Well, a girl name Ashley texted me to take one of her shift and she would take one of mine.

I'm still new at Tilly's and they are hiring new people so I haven't met everyone from work yet so I thought this girl name Ashley worked from Tilly's and so I called the store to let my manager know and he's all like "yeah yeah just come tomorrow..." I came the following day to take Ashley's shift and one of the managers like "why are you here?" and explained to her everything. Shes was like "there's no Ashley that works here or no one under that number you were texting." I was so furious because now this is strike three with this store.

How can a manager I spoke to not know that there's an Ashley working at his own store he's managing! So dumb!

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